Deciding You Might Want To Trip? It’s Time To Join

The Trip Collective


The myth of the lone artist creating out of personal angst or total solitude is a rare exception. Communities feed the soul of the artist. Communities exist and shape the artist. Communities support the artist.


Urban Art Tripping builds and fosters community. We call it the Tripper Collective and it is the first step to Tripping, because it’s no fun to trip alone. 

  • Here, you’ll meet a group of people with shared values who are keen on traveling deeper into their purpose, their experience of art, and their creative process. 


  • Here you’ll interact and engage with people that might seem like long-lost friends, offering experiences, sharing their desires, and their joys. 

  • Here you’ll receive support and encouragement that helps equip you to fulfill your own life's destiny.

Join the Trip Collective and you’ll receive:


  • Trip details, pricing, and registration access

  • Membership into our private Facebook community where you’ll interact with other Trippers, see their Trips, hear of their journeys and build connection

  • Member-only previews of new Trips and special discounts

Want to join the collective?

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