Art Tripping: a unique blend of travel, art, and community that fuels the life that’s calling you.

Passages Both Inside and Out.

Tripping: The Breakdown

The Outer Journey

  • The Art Scene

    Exploring galleries, artists, studios, museums, and collections that define the contemporary art scene in each locale.

  • The Artist

    Uniquely crafted studio tours that provide face-to-face, Tripper-only access to highly acclaimed artists who share their creative process, and the inspiration that drives each of them. 

  • The Private Collections

    Tripper-exclusive access to private collections and collectors who share their reasons and desires around collecting. 

  • The Local Culture

    Art is never created in isolation. Deep explorations of culture and meaning in every place we visit mark a desire to both understand and participate.

  • The Local Food

    Culinary experiences prepared and delivered by regionally recognized top chefs. Our foodie tripping blends private, catered meals with restaurant experiences and, when we’re on the go, elegant boxed lunches. Along the way, you’ll taste local, fresh and amazing food and spirits that define each stop in the journey.

  • The Accommodations 

    Elegant, luxurious accommodations hand selected for their authentic style and amenities.

The Inner Journey

  • Guided Mind-Body Practices 

    Modalities and practices that enable you to fully sink into yourself and the trip at hand that are specially designed to prepare Trippers for exploring the domain of artistic experience.

  • Conversation & Dialogue

    To integrate daily events, you’ll experience provocative and uniquely designed conversations and dialogues that connect travel with inner work.

  • Down Time

    You’ll have opportunities to reflect, relax and get the time you need to fully take in the Trip.

  • Integration

    You’ll begin the process of incorporating all that you have experienced and infusing it onto the story of your life to date. As the integration continues, new questions and pathways reveal themselves for the continuing journey ahead. The process never stops.

  • Connection

    You’ll share experiences and have fun with women who become lifelong friends that will encourage, support and you on your journey - both inside and out. When you’re trip ends, this connection endures, as you join our community, the Trip Collective.

Tripping Starts with You. Tripping Starts Here. 

You believe in the unknown, the new, and the edge of the unexplored, to teach you about yourself and what you want to become.  You relish provocateurs, auteurs, creators, artists and their ability to knock you off balance, reframe reality, and refract timeless wisdom that can deepen your own life. You believe you need a community, a village, a sisterhood, to support, energize, uplift and inspire your experience of travel, art, and the personal journey within.The journey begins here...

Travel deeper. Browse Trips. 

Trip Santa Fe

North America’s jewel of the global art world pulses with creatives who use the region’s uncommon light, indigenous and European legacy, and unique convergence of energies as the backdrop for making truth. It will inspire and fuel your own journey in ways that will never leave you.  

Trip South Africa

It’s the continent where art began. It’s Africa’s most diverse nation whose transformation was led by artist prophets and visionaries. It’s a land of stunning beauty filled with people of stunning kindness. Here, you’ll come face to face with forces that create a creative groundswell within.

Trip Japan

It's where the bleeding edge of contemporaneity meets extraordinary artistic traditions. It's Japan like you've never imagined it before. And it's only for Art Trippers.

Trip Tbilisi

Coming Soon


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