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Trip Santa Fe - Half day

Passages Both Inside and Out.

Selected from over 50 studios/attractions in Santa Fe, New Mexico


Over the last 20-years, Santa Fe has become an incandescent center for contemporary artists and contemporary art. Anchored by strong institutions as well as a growing number of events, it is the many galleries and studios that give the community its shape and strength. Our carefully curated art tripping experiences in the city's distinctive neighborhoods include visits to artists, studios, and galleries in downtown and Museum Hill, Second Street, the Baca District, Agua Fria Village, and La Cieneguilla. 

Every itinerary varies based on the interests and time available for each group of art trippers, but share elements common to all UAT experiences: expert guidance offering artistic, cultural, and historic context; visits to private studios and conversations with working artists; and opportunities to engage directly with contemporary work. 

Whether a few hour experiences or one lasting a full day, art trippers will benefit from a broader and deeper appreciation of the work being done around the city, its place in the global art market, and the approaches and underlying perspectives of artists that have chosen to make Santa Fe their home. 

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Emphasis is on contemporary art, but also includes contemporary expressions of the traditional Native and Spanish Colonial art forms that are unique to the Santa Fe region and history. The areas galleries, studios, and private collections—all essential parts of the Urban Art Tripping experience—possess an unmatched resource from which to find the heart of one's self, of others, and the stories we must tell. 

*PRICE includes all activities, select meals, excursions, tours, and ground transportation; (does not include airfare or accommodation). For access to pricing info- join our tripping collective 

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