A deep dive into art as a shift of perception


What does it mean to engage with art, rather than just buy it? What happens when art becomes something to be experienced rather than consumed? How can the way artists approach their work (and their stories) help us do the same? How does thinking about-and engaging with-art alter our relationship to the art we own and the art we seek in our lives? Our signature experience—the Immersive Art Trip—doesn't promise answers to these questions, but ways in which each of us can find our way to those answers. 


Days are organized into 3 parts, allowing us to establish a rhythm that promotes attentiveness, self-awareness, reflection, and active engagement. Mornings are given over to exercises to prepare our bodies and minds for the shift of perception and sensory encounters available through engaging with art. Middays feature a variety of art excursions that exposed us to the many layers of history and richness of the Santa Fe art scene. And finally, evenings are a time to delve deeper into preceding day's experience, through discussions, presentations, and dinners with artists, gallerists and collectors. 

1 Day Stained Glass Workshop

These one-of-a-kind week long adventures into the inner workings of art, artists, and our selves, takes place in one of the most artistically-vibrant, culturally-rich, and beautiful places on the planet. Join us in Santa Fe for a sensory experience curated to deepen your love of contemporary art, your understanding of the truth-telling and revelatory power of its creation and its creators, and renew your connection with yourself through guided mind and body work, and with others through nightly salons and chef-led dinners designed to encourage conversation, exploration, and the deepening of sensibilities. 


Emphasis is on contemporary art, but also includes contemporary expressions of the traditional Native and Spanish Colonial art forms that are unique to the Santa Fe region and history. The areas galleries, studios, and private collections—all essential parts of the Urban Art Tripping experience—possess an unmatched resource from which to find the heart of one's self, of others, and the stories we must tell. 

*PRICE: TBA (includes all activities, select meals, excursions, tours, and ground transportation; does not include airfare or accommodation).