About Lili



What's a passionate lover of art, the business of art, of travel, and the explorations of inner and outer worlds to do when she's ready for her next thing? Lili Pierrepont's answer to that question is Urban Art Tripping, an opportunity to bring all of those passions together and share them with others. Since selling her first painting while still in high school, Lili has honed her outlier instincts in pursuit of a working life that has included restoration, painting, design, consulting, and non-profit leadership, as well as gaining a reputation as a bold, sharp-minded, intuitive collector of contemporary art. With a degree in art history focused on the history of art

patronage, Lili has been exploring the artist-patron relationship from various perspectives since she can remember. Her passion for connecting artists and art enthusiasts, and finding new avenues for their interaction is what Urban Art Tripping is all about.

Described by others as 'curious, thoughtful, and irreverent," Lili's approach to art has always been about asking questions, whether of the artists themselves, or clients, or people she happens to be standing next to at an exhibition. That approach and the understanding that comes from it, has allowed her to get at the heart of why we like art, and particular expressions of it, an invaluable perspective she shares with Art Trippers and art advisory clients alike.