Urban Art Tripping hosts unforgettable journeys for seasoned and emerging art lovers who crave a deeper dive into the heart of art, artists, and the profound impact it has on our lives—what it can teach us, and why it’s important.


Whether you have a half-day to explore the studios and treasures of Santa Fe, or want to join us for our signature week-long immersions, each exquisitely curated trip will guide you through a mind-blowing array of art styles, ideas, and conversations sure to enliven your curiosity and reverence for art, and its place in your world.


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Why Join Us?

 Urban Art Tripping Believes:

  1. Art is essential. It ensures the health of our civilization, our culture, our relationships, our lives, and our souls. It makes us human.

  2. Art is experience. It immerses us in the agony and ecstasy of being alive, of living another's truth      and discovering our own. It makes us live.

  3. Art is revelation. It discloses to us who we are and what we value. It makes us clear-sighted.

  4. Art is transformation. It compels us to seek other answers, other ways for living and seeing the          world. It makes us resilient.

  5. Art is timeless. It reveals our human story in all of its manifold glories and disappointments and        connects the past to the present, and others to us. It makes us empathetic.

  6. Artists are truth-tellers. They expose the hidden and the obscure of life, and rework it so that others may understand. They make us question.

  7. Artists are touchstones. They discern what matters and argue for new concerns and new                  interpretations. They make us relevant.

  8. Artists are guides. They teach us how to approach the world and ourselves. They make us explorers. 

  9. Artists helps us grow. Interacting with art and artists releases us from our self-imposed limits-psychological, emotional, and spiritual. They are change agents.

  10. Artists awaken us. Interacting with art and artists arouses our senses and appreciation for the world around us, and its possibilities. They are luminaries.


"Lili Pierrepont of Urban Art Tripping designs immersive art excursions for visitors that last between a few hours to a week. Her shorter tours focus on Santa Fe's contemporary art's scene, while longer expeditions wind through art studios and spaces across the region, the nation, and the world. Pierrepont may be a bonafide globe-trotter, but her home base and source of inspiration is Santa Fe."


—  The Essential Guide Santa Fe & Taos

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