Art Tripping: a unique blend of travel, art, and community that fuels the life that’s calling you.

We’ve Reinvented Art Travel.

It Will Change Your Life. 

Whether it hits you in a food stall in Joburg, a private studio in Santa Fe or in a corridor of the Louvre, you will be confronted with the ingredients that can fuel lasting change within.


When you experience first-hand how the world’s greatest creative minds stare down the blank canvas or the fodder of their personal expression, an inner spark reveals itself that elevates and empowers you to live from a place of personal artistry and truth. 

When you act on that spark through a spiritual or embodied practice and give it voice in the conversation or the page, it gets real. 

When you do this in community with a sisterhood, you’ll form lasting bonds and a creative hive for exploring your biggest questions while discovering what you need to live your own truth. 

It’s magical. It rocks. And we call it Tripping.

Our Origin Story

Lili Pierrepont founded Urban Art Tripping in 2016 to make old-school art travel a thing of the past. Maybe you’ve tried it. You go. You see. You come home. 

Beyond that? Maybe a good chat, maybe something more. If you were at the right place at the right time in the right frame of mind as you endlessly slogged through museums and heard your umpteenth art appreciation lecture, something special might happen. After all, that’s why you hopped a plane in the first place. 

Lili asked, “What if we focused on curating special moments and global experiences that brought people face to face with the art, the artists, with each other, and themselves? What if we made this intention the reason we exist and then bring amazing people together to add the power of their own journeys to our own? What if we wrapped it in amazing food and accommodations that consistently blew right by expectations?” Urban Art Tripping was born. 

We take you to great venues of art and the studios of artists. We have you interact directly with them. You’ll see how they work. You’ll understand how they mix personal skill and flow to create a groove of self-expression and truth. You’ll ask them about their struggles and obstacles and ways to navigate and even incorporate both into their work. And you’ll integrate it all with a group of like-minded Trippers over dinner, at a cafe, after yoga, post-massage or in a journaling session. 

Importantly, when you come home, it’s not over. Trips stay with you, and with our Trip Posse — the virtual community of creative seekers just like you — you can keep the conversation and relationships going strong. You’ll be a Tripper for Life (#TFL), and those friends you made will remain alongside you to ensure that what you experienced gets actualized, helping to create the life you’ve sought and helping you become the person you've always wanted to be. 

Feel drawn to us? We thought so. Get tripping.

Our Founder

Lili Pierrepont

Lili Pierrepont guides the vision and trajectory of Urban Art Tripping. As an art professional and having traveled the world throughout her life, she has experienced first-hand how blending a creative journey, art and artists with a strong, loving and supportive community can transform a life. She spent years refining a way to offer the power of her own experience to women particularly to those who have awakened to their desires and seek to speak their truth and take up their rightful space. Urban Art Tripping was born. Through it, she shares her life-long passion for the arts at the intersection of facilitating personal transformation. 


Passionate about the arts from the beginning, Lili spent her first allowance at the Met Museum Shop, which was just blocks away from where she grew up in Manhattan. She sold her first painting while still in high school and during her senior year studied the classics and antiquities on the Dodecanese islands of Greece. Lili then earned her bachelor’s degree in art history, with an emphasis on art patronage, from Hampshire College (Amherst, Massachusetts). 


Following her academic journey, Lili enjoyed a richly diverse career across artistic disciplines. For a decade from 1987-1999, Lili worked as an artisan in antique restoration and 18th-century painted finishes as the owner of Dec-Art, Inc. In 2000 she began a 15-year career in interior design as owner and principal designer of Wright Design where she conceived and developed multi-million dollar installations in Philadelphia and Palm Beach, as well as smaller projects on the east and west coasts of the US and in Normandy France.  In 2001, she founded the Northern California-Monterey Bay Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council and remains its co-chair emerita. 


Having lived globally (most recently in Normandy, France), Lili calls Santa Fe, New Mexico, home. 

Corporate Responsibility


Urban Art Tripping is proudly headquartered and deeply involved in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We partner with like-minded organizations and businesses to make a meaningful impact in our community.


We work with entities who share our values those that place a premium on the journey of transformation, the power of community, and a commitment to practicing openness, creativity, and authenticity from a place of wisdom. 


Interested and aligned? Connect with us and let’s explore collaboration.