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We produce creative passages for women seeking to activate what’s next.  

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What is art Tripping?

It’s a radical reimagining of lux travel and conventional art touring that blends experiences at the edge of the unknown with self-reflection and an amazing community of support and friendship. It acknowledges that during this unique undertaking - this passage - transformation happens.  


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Maybe you’re on a courageous journey to heed your life’s unique call, but you’re feeling stuck and you need a new, inspiring touchstone for change. 


Maybe you’re feeling isolated, alienated or alone on your path. 


Maybe you’ve yearned for a sisterhood of authentic and creatively inspired seekers with whom you share so much in common.

Maybe you simply dig travel, food and new experiences and understand well the power getting lost with yourself, with friends, with new friends and on the journey. 

See if this is you:


"Lili Pierrepont of Urban Art Tripping designs immersive art excursions for visitors that last between a few hours to a week. Her shorter tours focus on Santa Fe's contemporary art's scene, while longer expeditions wind through art studios and spaces across the region, the nation, and the world. Pierrepont may be a bonafide globe-trotter, but her home base and source of inspiration is Santa Fe."


—  The Essential Guide Santa Fe & Taos

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